What is the best way to fit workouts into a busy schedule?

when you are little fitness freak and ensure to practice it on everyday basis. Being fit does not means only physical fitness but also mental and spiritual. when you are busy in your daily routine and sometimes its really difficult to find time for fitness. But it is equally important as having food and good sleep. So never excuse yourself to be missed on exercise regime. In fact, for you its everyday commitment. ensure you have one hour aside for practicing physical exercise everyday. you have to become very disciplined when it comes to diet as well. you have to take small meals after every 2 hrs and it includes dry fruits, fruits, salads, sprouts etc. avoid junk food strictly. A big NO to maggy, pasta, burger and other cheesy foods. Instead eat homemade food. always keep some snacks(homemade and ready to eat) in your bag which you can grab whenever you feel hungry and that helps you avoid on junk food. For your mental fitness, read positive stuff a lot, get surrounded by positive people and things. usually you have to go with friends for walk after your dinner. For spiritual health, believe in “Live and let others live peacefully”
Gym is not the only way to be fit, you need to have a good control on your diet and 06–08 hours of sound sleep is must, otherwise your body doesn’t respond to the diet and workout.If someone doesn’t have time to join gym, then try to do at least some physical activity in morning, it could be running, cycling or home exercises.

If your day schedule is busy , i would say don’t focus on working out in the evening. Try to wake up early and do the workout ! Morning workouts are the best and you will feel more energetic and fresh at work.
routine workouts and diet plan will be guided in next blog

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